Since 2021, we have made investments in the following veterinary startups

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Our vision is a world in which cancer recurrence is a thing of the past. No More Déjà Vu for Cancer Patients™.

Based in the Boston area, Vuja De 's mission is to discover and develop game-changing cancer metastasis therapies that prevent cancer progression and recurrence, the biggest unmet need in oncology.   



PetDx® – The Liquid Biopsy Company for Pets is a San Diego-based molecular diagnostics company dedicated to unleashing the power of genomics to improve pet health.

The company's flagship product, OncoK9®, enables veterinarians to detect cancer in dogs with a simple blood draw. As a first-in-class multi-cancer early detection (MCED) test, OncoK9 employs cutting-edge genomic analysis that leverages next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology and proprietary bioinformatics algorithms, empowering veterinarians to provide superior care to canine patients.



One Health Group (OHG) is a medical technology innovator with a mission to bring breakthrough health diagnostics, therapeutics, monitoring, screening, and advanced analytics to market. Driven by seeking solutions to preventing needless animal illnesses, often attributable by a lack of health data, OHG has developed a patented mobile health assessment technology that uses intelligent sensors and artificial intelligence to provide personalized, context-based real-time health information. OHG’s future goal is to provide a unique health platform that integrates animal, human, and environmental data, which are intrinsically linked.



LEAH Labs is building living therapies for companion animal health. We use precision gene editing technology to bring next generation treatments to pets, today. We're first focused on translating the remarkable success of CAR-T cell therapy in humans to analogous cancers in dogs. In the future, we aim to use compassionate care of spontaneous disease in pets to iterate and innovate on cell therapy strategies for humans while also offering our furry family members another chance at life.



At Breed Science, we’re on a mission to help dogs live longer. 


We believe that veterinarians are the key to improving wellness, so we built Smart Bowl™, a nutrition platform integrated directly into vet medical records. We enable local vets to customize and track their patient’s nutrition. Leveraging technology, we bring vets and parents closer together to optimize nutrition for our dogs



Galaxy Vets is a vertically integrated veterinary healthcare system in the U.S.

With a mission to give veterinary medicine back to veterinarians, Galaxy Vets allocates equity in the organization to its employees — veterinarians, specialists, technicians, administrative staff, and relief workforce — making them co-owners of and shareholders in the entire network. Driven by the purpose to make a significant impact on the industry, Galaxy Vets designs its culture around burnout prevention and takes a data-driven approach to foster employee satisfaction and work-life balance.




Tonisity is an animal health and nutrition company based in Ireland that is currently focusing its patented technology in two specific markets: (1) isotonic products for the enhancement of swine production; and (2) novel companion animal nutrition products. Tonisity is focused on creating positive physiological changes by addressing the issue of intestinal health of young animals, thus improving their overall health, leading to better lifetime performance. With respect to novel companion animal products, Tonisity is poised to become the first mover and market leader in a targeted nutrition approach for pets--which is a rapidly growing market across the globe.