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VANE is a network of veterinarians, business owners, entrepreneurs and industry experts supporting innovation in the animal health field. Since 2021, VANE has been proud to offer funding, support and mentorship to veterinary and animal health ventures in numerous sub-sectors of the industry.


  • $4.5M+ Invested     

  • 200 Ventures Evaluated     

  • 22 Portfolio Companies

  • 75+ Members

Founders and CEO's

If  your early stage venture is focused on the animal health sector and is currently raising capital, we invite you to contact the VANE administrative team for application information and evaluation process. 



If  you are an accredited investor interested in supporting entrepreneurs in the animal health and veterinary professions, apply to join us! 

Members enjoy access to a robust deal flow, a nationwide professional network, educational opportunities and collegial, thoughtful deal evaluation. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to the VANE group administrator.  


VANE has provided value well beyond its investment size.  Their members have deep knowledge across specialties, corporate environments, and industry partners that has translated to real opportunities to grow the business.  Our company prioritizes follow-through, and with VANE, that's what you get.

---Blake Dube, CEO Aeronics

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